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Gas Cylinders Delivery Policy

It is the policy of CRLS staff to deliver gas cylinders only (without further assistance to lab personnel), and to retrieve empty cylinders, to/from secured storage areas, or to/from other approved cylinder restraints/carts. It is not the delivery duty, or responsibility, of CRLS personnel to unsecure, or secure gas regulators, LN2 hoses, or other fixtures for lab personnel. This is for overall lab safety, safety of CRLS personnel, and for CRLS delivery time limitations.

To clarify, CRLS staff are not responsible for correct tightening of regulators, pressure gauge settings, checking for leaks, or any other equipment settings related to gas regulators or research equipment systems. CRLS can provide support with movement of cylinders, loosening of caps, and/or providing wrenches, if requested, for loosening gas regulators. No gas cylinders are to be left in hallways unsecured and without being contained on a cart. If a cart is temporarily left in a hallway, then proper notice will be given to the lab dept. that a cylinder has been delivered as requested.

Gas Cylinder Rental Fees

  • CRLS charges a $2.50 rental fee for each gas cylinder per month
  • Liquid gas dewars have a $30 rental fee per month (Liquid Nitrogen & Liquid Aragon)