Ordering Advantages

There are significant advantages to ordering through CRLS.


CRLS keeps over 700 items in stock, including Dry Ice, Liquid Nitrogen, Gas Cylinders and many more products. Our Main Campus location services Main, North and South Campuses in addition to CNM and their satellite campuses.


CRLS delivers within 24 hours (in stock items)

CRLS values your time, therefore, if there is a problem with a shipment we will work directly with the vendor to get the issue resolved.

CRLS will assist you in tracking your chemical and supply deliveries.

Chemicals cannot be delivered to offices and must be delivered to the labs for security/safety reasons.

Internal Billing

CRLS processes internal billing at month end via Banner using your Departmental Index code.

CRLS can provide you with a competitive price quote from most major vendors and will pass on the savings to you on any agreed price.