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Ordering Advantages

There are significant advantages to ordering through CRLS.

CRLS stocks Dry Ice, Liquid Nitrogen, Gas Cylinders and other scientific products. Our Main Campus location is ideal for delivering to North, Main and South Campuses, as well as CNM and their satellite campuses.
2-Hour Delivery
CRLS strives to deliver Stock items within 2 hours or less.
Same-day ordering
If we do not stock an item you need, we will order it the same day. Orders placed in the late afternoon (after 3 PM) and outside of our normal Business Hours are the only exceptions.
Easy internal billing
We can order from most vendors who accept Visa. We bill internally on your PR/index. Purchases are uploaded to FSM twice a month, so there are no worries with invoices or tracking purchases.
We resolve order-related issues
We value your time and know it is precious. If there's a problem with a shipment- damage, item shortage, etc. we work with the vendor to resolve the issue. You should be researching and teaching, not trying to resolve any problems with Customer Service about a missing item!
Direct billing to your Index.
When you set up a new PR with us, specify which Index and sub code you need charges to hit and that's it! With few exceptions our customers' accountants do not need to JV charges in Banner and we work with them within reason to minimize any JVs.
Order History
If you don't remember an item you ordered from us 2 or 3 years ago but you need to order it again, we can track it down! We can also send PR/Order Histories to accountants, showing them what charges hit the PR/Index and usually which lab personnel placed the orders.
Chemical Tracking
We can help track where chemicals are delivered. For this reason we cannot deliver chemicals to offices. They must be delivered to the labs where they are being used.
No Shipping or Hazardous Fees for most major vendors
If we don't pay shipping or hazard fees, then you don't either.
Price quotes
If pricing is a concern, we can quote items from most major vendors so you know exactly how much it will cost to order through us. We compare pricing direct and through distributors to get the best pricing we can. CRLS can also offer significant price advantages on quotes for equipment due to our contractual agreements.